Monday, May 25, 2009

“Postcards from Angola”

May 09

These last few weeks have been very uneventful for us as the craziness of the last few weeks of school takes over. I am doing three online courses – one is due to finish soon, the other two have just started. But a much bigger drain on my time (to the extent that it is literally taking up all my spare time) is that I am putting the school’s yearbook together – virtually single headedly, although Bill has stepped in to help with some of the organisation that still needs to be done. We are making a digital yearbook & I have never made one of those or even a normal yearbook before (which is one of the reasons why it is running so late in the year).

Anyway, we are not doing much other than just surviving it seems. But the big treat this week arrived yesterday from my sister Pam in Australia. She has been working on making a video as part of her job (she is a librarian in Brisbane). When she discovered she needed to make a video, she decided to use our life in Angola as her topic. Yesterday, she sent me the final product – the video labels has slipped a bit in the uploading & downloading process, but what a treat – to see a 5 minute summary of our time here this year. We both love it – thank you Pam!


Unknown said...

Hi Sue
Your information about Luanda is so vital right now as my husband (also a football-mad-Brit)and I will be moving there in August hopefully. However, as the English schools there are full we have a huge problem with education for our 7 year old daughter. I was hoping you, or some of your colleagues with kids, would shed some light on this problem. We are both teachers also. Thanks ever so much, and keep those articles coming!

Sue said...

Hi Angela
The huge growth in enrollment over the last year has stretched the English language schools to bursting point & as you know, it's not easy to increase the number of classes without buildings or teachers (or desks and chairs for that matter)! I can only suggest getting your name on waiting lists - the situation on the ground here seems very fluid with families often changing their plans at the last minute. But if a place doesn't come up there really isn't much of an alternative - home schooling or trying the Portuguese language schools or boarding school. Read school websites carefully for up to date information. The schools know it is a problem, but solutions won't be in place for next year. Good luck with your plans.

Unknown said...

Hi Angela
I'm in the same situation as Sue. Moving to Luanda this summer with 2 children age 11 and 6. No room at the English school.
I would be gratefull if you can update me about any news regarding schools in Luanda.
Kind regards and thanks for the information

alik said...

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